How it all began.

“Dad, what do you want for you 70th birthday?”, “I would love to go to a roller coaster park with you!” And so we did :D

My dad never lost his inner child. A couple of months after this picture was taken in 2017, while the two of us were celebrating that you are never to old to have fun, my dad got diagnosed with cancer.

Also, he was an entrepreneur until that unfortunate news came and had been for almost 30 years. He placed hundreds of playgrounds all over the Netherlands and thereby made sure that generations of children have been and will be playing on his work.

Last spring I told him that I wanted to start my own business. He was so very proud and gave me lots of tips and advice on how to do so.

Most important of all; he believed in me and was very certain that I have the skillset, drive and dreams to make it happen.

“Just do it girl, I’m sure you will make it happen!”

Just 2 months after he told me this he passed away, way too young.

Today I’m starting my own rollercoaster ride. It’s about time to start my own business as a Scrum Master, Serious play and Hackathon Facilitator and Visual Workshop Trainer. Please do reach out to me if you are looking for an experienced Scrum Master!

My dad is not around anymore to share this with, but I gave my notice today and, in his remembrance, will start my own company on the 7th of january, his birthday.

In my heart he is riding this roller coaster with me. JEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAA!

- Nancy Beers November 7, 2018

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